Creating A Dedicated Home Work Space

After the past year of chaos, most people are still working from home or at least working a hybrid schedule where they have some days of working at home. That means you should have a proper home work space that is dedicated to your work and only your work. Throughout the pandemic, you may have moved in between spaces like the kitchen, living room, or a guest room/office, but now is the time to find a dedicated space that will allow you to focus and work effectively. At Westlook Reno apartments, we want to help our residents develop the perfect at-home workspace.

Choose a Location

Find a space in your West Reno apartment that makes sense for your daily work. This could be in a spare bedroom, a part of the living room, or enjoy the mountain views Westlook offers bysetting up by a window.

Make It Your Own

Once you’ve found a good place, make it your workspace. Buy an ideal desk for your work, a comfortable chair, organizational tools, and lights. Consider personalizing your new office space with a plant, books, or pictures. Make your workspace a place that you want to be.

Reduce Aches & Pains

Your workspace should not add to any bodily ailments you are already feeling, instead find the right tools for your body and work. That may mean a desk that can quickly convert into a standing desk, a chair that forms to the curve of your spine, or ergonomic gel pads for your fingers, hands and wrists.

Keep Your Work in Your Work Space

It can be difficult to create a work-life balance at home but setting boundaries where you have a dedicated space for work can help separate your business and personal life.Having thatplace means that all of your business tasks will stay in your workspace creating a mental and physical separation. For this balance to be successful, when you are working, you are only in your dedicated space.

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If you are looking for a larger West Reno apartment to accommodate a home office, contact our leasing team at Westlook Reno. We would be happy to show you our options for one, two, and three bedroom apartments which can be easily converted into home office spaces. We look forward to hearing from you soon!